Real Estate Signs – How Signs Build Your Market Share Faster

When you want to build your territory and your image as a salesperson in commercial real estate, signboards are a critical part of the process. The same fact applies if you are a leasing person wanting to attract tenants and landlords to your services.

Signboards get your name into the market. The more signs you have placed on local properties, the better it is for you. More listings and more commissions are thereby possible. Signboards help the telephone enquiry that comes to you.

Whilst the signboard importance may seem obvious, it is overlooked and not sufficiently respected in many ways. The signboard for sale or for lease on numerous properties, tells people that you are active and generating business. The outcome of getting more signboards on properties for sale or for lease has two immediate benefits. They are:

# Generating enquiry for your database. That will be people or businesses that may want to lease or purchase property in the area.
# Creating an image of you as the agent that controls the activity in the market. More landlords and property owners are likely to be attracted to you and use your services.

Signboards are what you need to build your market share as a real estate agent, and these rules below should be maintained.

1 Prominent position on main roads and highways should be taken where possible.
2 The placement on the property should be good so that it is clearly seen from the road.
3 Consistency in signboard layout and design is essential to build your brand as a real estate person and business.
4 The sign should be well maintained. This means that any damaged signs have to be fixed and replaced at the earliest possible time. Damaged signs send the wrong message about you and your business.
5 Avoid putting your sign on a property that is already featuring many other agent signs. You just become one of a number and the property sends the wrong message to the market. That is usually “no person is interested” as the property is overpriced or over-rented.
6 Choose colours on the signboard that are strong and business related. That will usually be red, white, black, blue, and yellow.
7 Use less words and simple layout on the sign so the message can be read by a passing motorist.
8 Always feature your name on the signboard with a contact telephone number that is available 7 days per week.
9 Put a reference on the signboard to your website and email so the person can go to your website if they so wish and make contact with you.
10 With signs that are specially prepared for a particular property, make sure the sign has a title heading that draws interest, and have simple dot points detailing the features of the property.

Signboards are a cheap and effective way of promoting the property, your real estate business, and your own name as a real estate specialist. With every listing you should be placing a sign on the property where possible. The only exception to this is the off market deal where confidentiality is desired for any special reasons.