YouTube for Commercial Real Estate

YouTube is the hottest new (is it really new?) medium for online marketing. And it couldn’t be more perfect for our use – commercial real estate. If your business has an online component you could and should be promoting it via YouTube!

YouTube was started in early 2006 by 3 former PayPal employees (for $11.6 million) and sold in October 2006 to Google for $1.65 billion. To this day YouTube continues to operate independently from Google and in fact still looks and acts like it’s pre-Google days.

How can YouTube help for online marketing?

Today YouTube consistently ranks in the top 5 websites with other greats such as Google, Yahoo, Wikipedia, Facebook and eBay. YouTube gets close to 80 million visitors per month and not surprisingly is replacing traditional TV for many users. YouTube viewers average 164 minutes per day and traditional TV just 130 minutes. Where would you rather get out your marketing message?

Traditional YouTube videos can do the following for business:

· Inform and Sell

– If you have a property listing then this would be perfect for getting your property known. A good presentation containing most pieces of information can attract more people(viewers) to your service.

– The goal is to provide enough information about your service that would then attract the viewer to visit your website for additional details & information.

· Educate and Sell

– Otherwise known as a “how to” video pointing to the service you are providing. Great for selling your service.

· Entertain and Sell

– The best!

How can you use the YouTube for Commercial Real Estate?

· Brand Awareness (You and/or your company are the brand)

· Company Introductions

· So prospects can “Know, Like, and Trust You”

· Adding Value

· Property Listings (Leasing)

· Sales Listings

· Tenant Rep Requirements

· Virtual Property Tours

· Client Testimonials/Success Stories

· Property Management

· Consulting

· Recruiting

· List Building

· Lead Generation

· Training

· Expert Presentations

· Business Video Blogs – aka: Vlogs

· Executive Speeches

· Seminar Series

How Does YouTube fit in Your Overall Marketing Plan?

· Email Campaigns

· Website/Blog

· Pay-Per-Click

· Facebook

· Twitter

· Traditional Mailings/Postcards

· Calling/Canvassing

Tips for YouTube Video Content

· Be Entertaining

· Be Informative

· Be Authentic

· Keep It Short

· Stay Focused

· Rehearse/Make An Outline

· Communicate A Clear Message

· Keep It Fresh

The bottom line? Video as a strategy for marketing your commercial real estate business is a winner – maybe even the number one way – give it a try today.